Wednesday, March 24, 2010

THE GALLERY and other things.

Hey guys, just quickly:

By next week I'd like to see a gallery in the model you're developing, with an example of the work of both artists in it. (Russell probably talked about the gallery in yesterday's lecture, so if he said anything different to below, please let me know.)

The gallery:

1. goes on the ground (datum).
2. is reached by the stairs you're making for each of the studios
3. has an entrance on the datum (or has a different but practical way that the public can enter)
4. can be a building that combines elements from both studios in a considered way. It can also be distinctly different. If you think that the gallery itself should be a sculpture (like Gehry's Guggenheim in Bilbao), make it one. If you think the gallery should be a simple building to show the art but not compete with the art for attention, make such a gallery.
5. can be a third building, or can be fused somehow within the structures you already have, in a meaningful way.

Research some galleries, see how the designers resolved issues like circulation, lighting and ways to display artwork. If you find a good precedent, put images on your blog.

The studios:

Now that you have decided on the studios you're working on, still think about things like scale. A studio need not be the size of a conventional room. It can be enormous, or intimate, or as sprawling or as intricate as you like.

Also, look at how different architects use materials. Shigeru Ban uses bamboo and paper. It is possible to make semi-transparent concrete, glass is not the only transparent material available to you. Opaque screens can have the feel of transparency if they're perforated enough.

The stairs:

You have had a whole lecture on stairs, and the stairs are important. At the moment some of your staircases are fairly nominal. Think about how you are going to resolve them, how they connect, and how they represent the studio they are connected to. Ideally your staircase will not look like one you have seen before, but will be generated by the project and inspired by many images of precedents.


Please keep your blogs up to date. Some of you don't have your second models up, and some of you haven't uploaded any models yet.

I didn't get to see you all on Tuesday, so if you'd like to talk about your work drop me a line.

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  1. Hi Fruzsi

    Ive made a few changes to my below (with the stairs.) Also, I put the textures and the images on but I found that the texture came up really small so its quite hard to see, and wasnt sure how to enlarge it so it appears less dense on the surface? Ive started trying to create my datum(the top two images)but i was wondering what you thought before i delevoped it- can the gallery be more of an outdoor sort of space that bridges the studios or does it have to be a very defined space of its own?

    Thank you