Friday, May 14, 2010

Things about Experiment 3

1) Know about this helpful site:

2) You will be assessed on 18 perspectives. You have been asked to draw 36. This means you need to upload your best 18, demonstrating that you know how to draw both 1-point and 2-point perspectives - ensure you have a fine assortment of both.

3) The Es you are drawing are for inspiration purposes. You will not be required to translate them directly into any part of your bridge.

4) The quality of your drawings play a part in your assessment. Do not draw and scan them as though they don't matter.

5) You make holes and caves in your Crysis model with the 'voxal painting' tool. They let you push/pull things sideways.


  1. Just double checking...
    you said a valley from hawai was ok?

  2. Hey Candice, Hawaii is fine, it being in the USA and all... :)