Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Observation tower (Ateliereen Architecten)

Manchester Civil Justice Centre (DCM)

Now look at the negative prisms in this building:


  1. Hi Fruzsi,
    The brief says that negative space blocks count as any other block, so does that mean I can use a well indicated negative block to join parts of the labs? Such that a 'real' block can appear to hoover, but it is actually sitting on a negative space block whose other portion is indicated by a hole through some more real blocks?
    Also, do the alternative views of the axonometrics have to be exactly opposite views? I wasn't aware of this and had some alternative views from the side.
    Thank you,

  2. Hey Xin,

    I put that to Russell, not wanting to be a host of misinformation with the number of blocks and whatnot. He says you have it spot on with the void blocks, and, further, that your scheme has a lot of potential....

    Don't worry about how you drew the axos. It was an exercise in drawing and visualisation.

    Good luck!